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Skwezed E-Liquid

Coined from the word ‘squeezed’, Skwezed is an e-cigarette liquid line that offers juices that taste like freshly squeezed fruits. Meticulously made only from the best ingredients, extracts, and materials, Skwezed’s blends are fresh, fruity, and altogether amazing! If you want fruit-flavored mixes that retain the natural flavors and aromas of the actual fruit, Skwezed is your best bet.

Looking for the most natural and classic fruit blends? Skwezed’s Original line is the answer to that craving. Choose from the distinct citrusy taste of the grapefruit, the sweetness of crisp green apples, the bright and refreshing kick of the watermelon, or the tart and juicy flavors of exotic lychees, just to name a few of Skwezed’s flavor options. These e-juices are a delight to puff—all classic, fruity masterpieces!

For those who want an icy kick to come with these delightful fruity flavors, Skwezed’s juices are also available in Ice. This particular line features juices that are infused with cooling menthol, to give you that invigorating sensation each and every time you take a puff. These juices come in Salt Series, too, perfect for those who are looking for that enhanced intoxication and intense throat hit, much like you’re smoking your regular and combustible cigarette stick. Depending on your capacity and preference, choose from nicotine strengths of up to 50mg for Skwezed’s Salt line!

Skwezed E-Liquid is a no frills e-cigarette juice brand that is guaranteed to bring you ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. Whether you’re getting from its Original, Ice, or Salt lines, Skwezed E-Liquid is a sure winner!

Skwezed Mango Salt E-Liquid Series 30mL
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Skwezed Mango Salt E-Liquid Series 30mL

$14.90 $8.90

Skwezed Mango Salt E-Liquid Series 30mL Skwezed Mango Salt E-liquid is a delicately formulated concoction using only the finest ripe mangoes flown in straight from the tropical islands. The mango’s juiciness in this flavor is out of this world...