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Shijin Vapor

“Shijin”, when translated to the English language, is ‘poet’, or one who puts words together so seamlessly to create a literary masterpiece. Similarly, Shijin Vapor is a creator of masterpiece—in the e-cigarette industry, that is! While it does not deal with words, Shijin Vapor nonetheless deals with putting ingredients and extracts together to create a wonderfully satisfying mix of e-juice. Any of its creations, without a doubt, will get you craving for more.

 With Shijin Vapor’s unique and quirky names for its e-juice creations, it sure is exciting to scroll and read through the stories of each blend. If you want to go straight to getting your juice, though, you will never go wrong with Tortoise Blood. Shijin Vapor’s bestselling concoctions, Tortoise Blood is a delectable mix of luscious blue raspberry, crisp green apple, and creamy sherbet. Seriously refreshing and not at all overpowering, this unique blend from Shijin Vapor is a winner.

 Another innovative blend from Shijin Vapor is the Dragon Cloud, which taste exactly like baked cinnamon rolls topped with vanilla ice cream! It’s warm, sweet, and creamy, perfect for those who want to be experimental and veer away from the usual fruity blends.

 There are many other flavors that you ought to try from Shijin Vapor. Again, these are masterpieces you will not regret spending money on!