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Saveurvape E-Liquid

In French, the word saveur means flavor. This, most possibly, is why the people behind this e-cigarette juice brand named themselves so. Saveurvape E-Liquid is all about rich, vibrant, and overall amazing e-juice flavors—flavors you can’t get enough of! Saveurvape E-Liquid is a great choice to load into your vape, and will most definitely bring you grandes saveurs!

One of Saveurvape’s best-selling creations is SVRP Satisfying. True to its name, this Saveurvape e-juice is extremely satisfying! It features the distinct, bold flavors of the dragonfruit and raspberry, two fruits whose flavor profiles we never could have known to go so well together. The sweetness of the dragonfruit and the tartness of the raspberry wonderfully balance each other out, giving you a pleasurable experience in each puff. With such a perfect symphony of fruity flavors, there is no better word to describe Saveurvape’s Satisfying but… satisfying!

If your taste buds are looking for something more bright and zesty, Saveurvape’s Revive is a sure winner. Oozing with flavors from wild blueberries and citrusy limes, Revive will undoubtedly excite your taste buds and invigorate your senses. It’s sweet, tangy, slightly floral, and extremely addicting, and it’s a Saveurvape blend that you just can’t pass up on!

In actuality, Saveurvape, in general, is a brand you should not pass up on. Its blends give off the most pleasant and wonderful flavors, and these will surely complete your vaping experience.

Saveurvape SVRF Tempting E-Juice  Series 60mL
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Saveurvape SVRF Tempting E-Juice Series 60mL

$12.90 $7.90

Saveurvape SVRF Tempting E-Juice Series 60mL SVRF Tempting tastes like a carnival cinnamon churro that is stuffed with freshly grown tangy blueberries. It is truly a flavor you have to try ASAP! It incorporates only the most premium fruit extracts...