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Sad Boy

Despite its name, trust that this brand’s e-juice creations are not sad at all. Decently manufactured from the finest extracts and materials, Sad Boy’s e-cigarette liquids are guaranteed to taste amazing and are going to give you utmost satisfaction and joy. That’s right—there is no room for any sadness and disappointment with Sad Boy’s e-liquids!

 Sad Boy features incredible flavor profiles, sorted into its fun and quirkily named categories: Original, Tear Drops Salt, and Bloodline Series. All of Sad Boy’s flavor creations are well crafted to give you the most irresistible and potent flavors and aroma, just like the top-selling Butter Cookie, Custard Cookie, Key Lime, and Strawberry Jam! Of course, these are just a few of Sad Boy’s featured creations; there are lots more that you just go and try! For instance, Sad Boy’s Unicorn Tears is another crowd favorite. It presents cookie and fruity undertones, but retains a distinct flavor so mysteriously good just like its name!

 Appropriately referred to as dessert vape juices, Sad Boy’s e-liquids are potent, sweet, tangy, and altogether amazing. The taste and aroma are not overwhelming at all, so you can enjoy vaping for long, extended periods. These premium e-cigarette juices come in sleek 100mL bottles, and they are available in different nicotine strengths depending on your preference. Whatever such preference may be, you are sure to be delightfully satisfied with Sad Boy!

Custard Cookie- SADBOY TEAR DROPS - 30ML
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Custard Cookie- SADBOY TEAR DROPS - 30ML

$18.90 $8.90

Sadboy Tear Drops Salt Series (30mL) Custard Cookie incorporates a savory taste of luxurious vanilla custard fused with a scrumptious butter cookie. Custard Cookie builds off of the success of Sadboy's butter cookie flavor and adds a hint of the most...