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Pod Juice E liquid

This brand’s huge selection of flavors—from refreshing fruits, to delectable desserts, to classic tobacco and menthol flavors—will most certainly get you hooked, and will give you a hard time deciding on a favorite. With everything so deliciously made and carefully crafted from premium ingredients and extracts, it’s impossible to settle on only one Pod Juice fave!

Pod Juice E-Liquid features a variety of e-juice creations, ready to satisfy whatever it is you are craving. If your taste buds are longing for something tangy and fruity, Pod Juice’s fruity concoctions are here to save the day. One of its most popular fruit blends is the Belt Burst, which boasts the nostalgic taste of those strawberry-flavored gummy belt candies we all used to love as kids! If, on the other hand, you want less of the tang, Pod Juice’s Banana Ice is also another crowd-favorite that you will also instantly love. It’s sweet, creamy, and then suddenly it’s icy, thanks to the infused menthol extracts!

If, however, your senses are craving something especially cool and invigorating, you will not regret loading Pod Juice’s Jewel Mint into your device. One of the brand’s signature blend, the Jewel Mind is an intensely invigorating mint-flavored juice, with slightly sweet undertones your taste buds will definitely enjoy. True to its claim, Pod Juice’s Jewel Mint is a menthol masterpiece.

Certainly, Pod Juice has a lot more masterpieces you should not pass up on. All of Pod Juice’s creations are guaranteed refreshing, amazing, and exceedingly satisfying.

Pod Juice Loops E liquid Nic Salts Series 30mL
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POD Juice

Pod Juice Loops E liquid Nic Salts Series 30mL

$14.90 $8.90

Pod Juice Loops E liquid Nic Salts Series 30mL Let this blend take you back to your childhood, back to the days when you would happily gulp and gobble down this breakfast favorite to jumpstart your day! Pod Juice’s Loops is a delightful blend...