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Khali Vapors E-Juice

Launched in early 2014, this California-based brand has become so renowned in the e-cigarette market for its perfectly balanced juices. Khali Vapors’ e-cigarette liquids are meticulously crafted from top-level ingredients and extracts, and each of these blends assures excellence and utmost enjoyment. Khali Vapors, definitely, is the best decision you will ever make when it comes to your vaping needs!

Khali Vapors boasts highly exhilarating e-juice mixes, and one of which is the famous Devil’s Punchbowl. This Khali signature blend combines the bold and rich flavors of Asian guavas and juicy peaches—a burst of refreshing tropical flavors in each puff! This particular Khalil Vapors blend is also available in Ice, which has the same flavor profile but infused with invigorating menthol extracts. If you’re up for an icy kick as you go, Devil’s Punchbowl Ice will most certainly wow you!

Lusciously fruity and irresistibly creamy, another popular Khalil Vapors blend is The Fairmont. This is a delightful combination of sweet and tart pineapples and rich and smooth vanilla ice cream, giving your taste buds a smack of summer every time you take a puff! The Fairmont is perfect for those who want a well-balanced taste and aroma, featuring mild notes of acidity for that classic fruity goodness.

Khali Vapors’ creations, without a doubt, bring ultimate vaping pleasure. Treat yourself, your taste buds, and your senses to fantastic flavors now by getting any of Khali Vapors’ e-juice masterpieces!

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