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Johnny AppleVapes E-Juice

Johnny AppleVapes is the name; pure decadence is the game. This e-cigarette juice line, launched in 2017, prides itself in sweet, delectable, and overall amazing juice blends! Truly a game-changer, Johnny AppleVapes is a brand that offers the best and most decadent liquids, perfect for your everyday vaping habit.

While Johnny AppleVapes now carries a long line of e-cigarette juice blends, it is, however, highly popular for its dessert-flavored juices. These blends that taste exactly like your favorite luscious desserts will surely excite your taste buds! One of its dessert-flavored mixes is the Southern Bread Pudding. A tasty and innovative blend from Johnny AppleVapes, Southern Bread Pudding oozes with the rich and luscious flavors of vanilla, bread chunks, and cinnamon, masterfully blended together to create one of the best dessert-flavored e-liquids! You will also love the distinct sweetness that comes from the brown sugar flavorings of this particular blend. Incredibly decadent, Johnny AppleVapes’ Southern Bread Pudding is going to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

If you want that touch of tang, you will love Johnny AppleVapes’ fruit-infused blends. A popular choice is Frenchman’s Delight, which is a delightful concoction that tastes like a well-loved breakfast treat—the classic French toast! This blend features the flavors of scrumptious French toast, topped with sweet and tart blueberries and warm maple syrup. Sweet and mellow tasting, Johnny AppleVapes’ Frenchman’s Delight is certainly a delight to vape and puff.

These are just some of the decadent juices Johnny AppleVapes offers. Whatever Johnny AppleVapes blend you end up getting, you are most definitely up for an ultimate vaping satisfaction.