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Fresca E-liquid

Fresca, in the Italian language, means fresh. For its immensely refreshing e-cigarette juice blends, Fresca E-Liquid is just so aptly named! Made only from the highest quality of ingredients, extracts, and materials, Fresca E-Liquid’s juices will surely excite your taste buds and your senses, leaving you feeling fresca in each and every puff!

Fresca E-Liquid features rich and bold e-juice flavors, concocted especially for those who are craving something sweet, fruity, and flavorful. For instance, a well-loved Fresca blend is the Green Apple Lychee, which boasts the delectable flavors and aromas of crisp green apples and luscious, juicy lychees. The distinct sweetness of the lychees perfectly goes well with the mild tang of the apples, giving you an e-liquid blend that’s guaranteed to please the palate!

Want something more tropical tasting? Fresca E-Liquid’s Mango Banana is a winner! The sweet, tropical flavors of the mango strike a great balance with the mild, creamy taste of the banana—a tropical treat, indeed! If you are looking for an e-juice blend that is not at all overpowering, Fresca’s Mango Banana is a fantastic choice. This blend, similar to the other blends, is slightly infused with menthol, so you will also get that invigorating kick every time you take a puff. Davvero fresco!

 Of course, Fresca E-Liquid also has something for those fond of the berry flavor profile. The Mango Strawberry and Raspberry Apple are two of these blends, possessing the sweet, tart, and juicy flavors of berries. These blends are, without a doubt, insanely berry-licious!

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