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Drip More

What’s great about refillable vape devices is that you get to carefully choose what substance, flavors, and nicotine strength you will load into it, and which, eventually, you will puff, inhale, and savor. However, this can be a disadvantage if you end up getting a bottle that’s filled with substandard e-liquid. With Drip More, this will never be the case, with its irresistibly sweet candy flavored juices. With Drip More, you will surely be left wanting more!

 As can be gleaned from its name, Drip More’s Candy King features e-cigarette liquids that taste exactly like our favorite delectable treats. With flavors such as Pink Squares, Strawberry Rolls, Lemon Drops, and even Sour Worms, Drip More’s Candy King will definitely remind you of your childhood favorites! These juices, which are available in 30mL and 100mL bottles, will not only make you feel invigorated, but they will most certainly make you feel nostalgic, too!

 You can be sure that Drip More’s Candy King is all about that premium quality, as each bottle is filled with liquid guaranteed to be made from the finest ingredients and salt nicotine extracts. Truly, a high-grade juice just like that of Drip More is what you need for that ultimate vaping satisfaction.

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Drip More

Candy King Strawberry RollsE Juice 100 ML

$34.90 $11.50

Strawberry Rolls by Candy King eJuice is a recreated fruit chew, taking succulent strawberries and pairing it with a confectionary chew from adolescence to create a rolled up strawberry chew that will inspire the taste buds with this spot-on...