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Bam Bam's Cannoli E Juice

This brand’s take on the famous Italian p astry is, indeed, molto bene. The star of the show is cannoli, a classic Italian delicacy made of fried pastry dough, packed with sweet, luscious filling. It’s a favorite treat among Italians, and thanks to the extremely innovative people behind Bam Bam’s, it can now be your new favorite e-juice flavor, too!

Bam Bam’s Cannoli E-Juice is a collection of delightful cannoli flavors, all of which are guaranteed to please the palate! If you are looking for a fruity cannoli variant, you will love the bright fruit cereal flavors of Bam Bam’s Original Cannoli, enhanced with mild notes of whipped cream and key lime. Think you can handle more? Bam Bam’s Captain Cannoli, on the other hand, is an enhanced version of the Original; it has the same fruity, creamy, and tart flavors but with notes of crispy corn and oat cereals!
For those who prefer something on the sweeter side, of course, Bam Bam’s also has something in store for you! Bam Bam’s Birthday Cannoli is a classic vanilla birthday cake-flavored e-juice, while the Strawberry Cannoli is just as sweet and delectable, highlighting the most pleasurable flavors and aroma of luscious strawberries. Satisfyingly sweet, we tell you!
These are just some of the brand’s amazing concoctions. With all its delicious creations, it surely is vaping with a bang with Bam Bam’s!

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Bam Bam's Cannoli Birthday Cannoli E juice 100ml
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Bam Bam's

Bam Bam's Cannoli Birthday Cannoli E juice 100ml

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Bam Bam's Cannoli Birthday Cannoli E juice 100ml Make every day a happy birthday with this classically sweet, birthday cake-flavored e-juice blend! Bam Bam’s Birthday Cannoli is reminiscent of the time-honored decadent white birthday cake, enhanced...