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It cannot be denied that the vape juice that you use can make or break your overall vaping experience. Loading some topnotch, premium tasting e-juice into your device just takes vaping on a whole new level, and of course, accordingly, using substandard e-juice mixes spoils the entire experience. With this mind, Vapor Solo brings you well-esteemed brands that offer only the finest e-juices in the market. Made only from high quality ingredients, extracts, and materials, these e-juices are sure to give you delight, pleasure, and just pure vaping satisfaction.

Most of these brands being retailed at Vapor Solo offer a large selection of e-juices, and admittedly, it can get pretty overwhelming, especially for first-timers! If you are one of those who are looking to try no-fail e-juices, fruity vape juice is, conceivably, the most popular e-juice blend in the market. Perhaps because of their refreshing and flavorful punch, fruity e-juices have become so popular to use among vapers. With such a warm reception from vape users all over the world, most, if not all, brands now offer a wide variety of these fruity concoctions, like Air Factory, Naked 100, and Twist E-Liquids, just to name a few. Some brands have also showcased their creativity and innovation in concocting their fruit blends, with some infusing some exotic and tropical flavors here and there!

Looking for something extra sweet and delectable? The candy and dessert flavored e-cigarette liquids are here to satisfy your cravings! These e-juices are such a treat to puff—you will not be able to resist these decadent blends! Candy flavored e-juices can get as fun and exciting, from strawberry chews, bubble gum, and even everyone’s carnival fave: cotton candy! Of course, the dessert-flavored e-juices are just as irresistible, from birthday cake, custard pies, and sweet-blend coffee! Your taste buds will take delight in these satisfyingly sweet e-juice blends, that’s for sure!

If you want all of these sweet and decadent blends intensified with some potent nicotine salts, lucky you—most of these e-juices are made available in each brand’s nicotine salt series! For that smooth and intense draw and throat hit, these nicotine salt-infused e-juices are sure to give that cigarette-style satisfaction. Depending on your body’s capability and your overall preference, choose from different nicotine strengths—the higher, the more addicting and intense!

Let Vapor Solo’s curated e-juice brands give you utmost vaping satisfaction! Choose from these renowned brands and their premium e-juices and concoctions, and let each puff tickle your taste buds and excite your senses!

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Candy King Batch E Juice 100 ML

$19.90 $8.90

Batch E-juice by Candy King delivers a tasty blend of tart cherries and sour citrus, introducing a sweet e-liquid version of your childhood favorite corner store candy! So go ahead and tear open a pack of these devilish little candies to spoil your vape...

Marina Vape-Aqua-Rush (Blue Razz)  E juice 60ML
Coming Soon

Marina Vape

Marina Vape-Aqua-Rush (Blue Razz) E juice 60ML

$14.90 $8.90

Aqua Rush E-Liquid (Formerly known as Blue Razz) by Marina Vape is a delectable sweet and tangy blue raspberry candy vape that will send your tastebuds over the moon with a blueberry explosion. This smooth hitting gourmet premium e-juice brings a rich...

Coming Soon



$24.95 $9.20

This magnificent flavor will stimulate your senses with the sweet and fruity flavor of fresh-pressed apple juice straight from the orchard. Reds Apple Juice from 7 Daze is an authentic e-juice flavor that will exhilarate your craving taste buds with...