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Puff Bar Glow Disposable

If you think the e-cigarette technology cannot get any more innovative, think again. The guys over at Puff take it a notch higher with the Puff Bar Glow Disposable. It’s a party every time you take a puff with this fun and fresh vape device; it does not only taste and feel amazing, but it especially looks amazing, too, as it lights up when drawn! Puff Bar Glow, indeed!

 The Puff Bar Glow Disposable has a state-of-the-art LED technology, along with its regular, tried and tested Puff Bar features. Similar to the other Puff Bars in the market, the Puff Bar Glow Disposable also is a no muss, no fuss device, as it needs no charging or refilling prior to usage. To activate, simply take the Puff Bar Glow Disposable pod device from its packaging and then start to puff! The Puff Bar Glow Disposable usually takes around 200 puffs to finish, and once consumed, there’s nothing to be hassled about as well. As it is a one-time use kind of e-cigarette, simply ditch to dispense with!

 The Puff Bar Glow Disposable is available in five irresistible flavors: mint chip, frozen banana, mango apple pear, peach ice, and strawberry donut. With all tasting equally good and satisfying, the Puff Bar Glow Disposable will certainly give you a hard time choosing!