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POP disposable Ecig

Give yourself a pop of zip and zest with the Pop Disposable E-Cig! One of the leading e-cigarettes in the market, Pop Vapor brings to us the most invigorating and most potent flavors, while giving us the most convenient mechanism to enjoy them—the Pop Disposable E-Cig pod device. Once you pop, you truly will find it hard to stop!

 Just how convenient is the Pop Disposable E-Cig? Each pod device requires no refilling or recharging, as everything you need is already integral to the stick itself—all you need to do is bring it out of its packaging and then puff to activate! Its internal battery is high-powered and comes pre-charged, while the juice cartridge is leak-proof and comes pre-filled with the high quality e-cigarette juice. Then, once your battery and juice have run out, just ditch and discard your Pop Disposable E-Cig pod device, and then get yourself a new one!

 The Pop Disposable E-Cig comes in many irresistibly good flavors—all with just the right amount of sweetness, tartness, and icy cool freshness. Pop Vapor ensures that each of these flavors is made with the finest extracts, so whatever your choice of flavor is, you are guaranteed to have an enhanced and enjoyable vaping experience every time you take a puff of your Pop Disposable E-Cig!