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Cali Bars X Cali Grown Disposable

Here’s a collaboration we never thought we would need—the Cali Bars x Cali Grown Disposable. Coming together to give users a wide range of irresistibly delectable e-cigarette flavors, Cali Bars and Cali Grown are here to give us a real good time vaping and, to be frank, a real hard time choosing from all their amazing variants!

 A no mess, no muss pod device, the Cali Bars x Cali Grown Disposable is ready to be consumed straight out of its packaging. The 380mAh internal battery comes pre-charged, so that you won’t need to wait until the device is charged and ready to use, and the body comes pre-filled with the e-liquid, too! At 1.3mL per Cali Bars x Cali Grown Disposable pod device, the e-cigarette juice is deliciously flavored and very pleasant to the palate with all these sweet and zesty fruity flavors, but do not misjudge—this is strong and will get you hooked. Its nicotine strength is 5%, so beyond doubt, each puff of your Cali Bars x Cali Grown Disposable will get you addicted and will give you that intense hit like your regular stick.

 Among the wide range of flavors that the Cali Bars x Cali Grown Disposable offers, some of the most raved are banana ice, honeycomb berry ice, and mango nectar ice. Make sure to check out the entire list, though, as all of the other flavors are just as good and deserve all the rave reviews, too!