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The Future of Ecommerce, Trends & Insights For 2020

Posted by David Minaya on Mar 3rd 2020

The Future of Ecommerce, Trends & Insights For 2020

The e-commerce industry has undergone massive changes ever since online stores were set up during the 90s. E-Commerce is now rated at more than 2 trillion dollars. Regardless of how profitable retail has been, the popularity of eCommerce software has increased massively in the past couple of years.

That just makes us wonder what could be the trends in e-commerce. The latest surveys have suggested that digital marketing, omnichannel selling, and personalization will take things much ahead in the coming years. To give you a better understanding of what is happening, here is a look at some of the e-commerce trends that describe online selling and its future in the best way possible.

Online Selling Will Experience Growth: As we all know, e-commerce is one online activity that is constantly growing. This is because people enjoy shopping online instead of going to the mall or groceries or nearby stores. Online selling cuts down traveling costs and makes buying things much simpler and easy. Apart from that, customers generally like to trust products that have good reviews online that has encouraged more sales.

Most websites these days that sell products are friendly and work towards giving the customer the best kind of experience they could have. Shopping online has also drastically improved and allowed customers to choose and find items that they would have to otherwise spend hours hunting for at stores and malls. Most websites also give you discounts and have great return policies which make the experience more enjoyable.

This is why it is wise to say that online selling will become the future in the coming years as people trust online shopping even more and because the process of buying online has improved.

Customization Is the Future: With new trends emerging each day, people like to associate the importance of a brand with its packaging. The nicer a package looks; it is more likely that you will want to buy something. Unique and interesting packaging is also something that piques the curiosity of people which leads to more sales. This is why online sellers are more interested in customizing all of their products. Doing this allows brands to display their products in the most unique way possible. One of the best ways to customize your products is by focusing on the various packaging aspects. You can focus on the durability of the package, the aesthetics, etc. You can make sure whether your product is environment-friendly or not. Doing this will certainly help build your brand.

More Social Media Activities: Gone are the days when social media was simply used for connecting with people. Nowadays, social media is used extensively for marketing purposes. It also enables brands to augment their audience. Most platforms like Facebook and Instagram also offer purchase buttons that allow retailers to make purchases. Most online stores have also established links with the help of social media platforms that allow customers to buy products with the help of a letter. Several social media platforms also focus on online shoppers. But apart from that, social media has also become a huge channel where people can optimize their performances as well. Social media exposure also leads to people becoming more aware of services and products.

More Payment Opportunities Will Evolve: Payment options have increased in the last couple of years. Customers are no longer using just their debit and credit cards to make payments. With new apps emerging almost every month, people are using local payment providers to make payments fast and easy. Customers also prefer to use quick and easy apps to make payments because it makes the checkout easy, keeps their money safe and gives them discounts and cashback offers. The financing options make checkouts frictionless and simple.

Mobile Sopping Will Become Much Bigger: Mobile shopping is expected to become the future of eCommerce. In America, more than half the population prefers to shop using their mobiles. In European regions, more than 50% of their customers use their mobiles to make purchases. Ecommerce businesses are also trying their level best to give you an experience that is systematized and organized. There is also a whole range of options in terms of payment that you can choose from. China, in fact, happens to be a leader when it comes to online payments. Some of their online payment options have more than a billion users and they are constantly increasing in numbers.