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6 Tips To Increase Vape Flavour

Posted by Jennifer lawrence on May 20th 2020

6 Tips To Increase Vape Flavour

Many of the people who vape love creating massive clouds of vapors, and while there is nothing wrong with this there are others who don’t think that this is important.

For these people they believe that a stronger flavour is more important. So what can you do to get the most flavour possible from your e-cig? Here are some tips you should try.

1. Adjust The Wattage And Temperature Settings

One of the simplest ways you can use to improve the flavour is by changing the setting for your e-device.

All e-liquids vaporise at different temperatures, so it is of benefit if you have a device that allows you to vary the wattage and temperature.

The advice I would give would be to start at the lowest setting possible and to work your way up until you reach the sweet spot. You will have to do this for every single one of your e-liquids.

2. Reduce The Airflow

If you are trying to chase big clouds then you will want big airflow in to your device. The problem with this is that the bigger the cloud produced the less flavour you will experience.

For those who want to increase flavour, it makes sense to close off the airflow. This will ensure your device produces denser, warmer vape that is able to carry more flavour.

Many devices have adjustable airflow systems, which makes it easy to experiment. It is best not to close the airflow off entirely as this will cause poor vapour production.

Again, it is better to start low, with a little airflow and to then increase it until you reach a point where you are happy with the results.

3. Make Sure To Choose The Right Coil, Tank And Atomizer

There are plenty of coils to choose from, and choosing the right one can make a massive impact on the flavour of your e-cigs.

As always your own personal preferences should come into play, but there are some general rules for you to follow.

For example, you may not want to choose a top-coil clearomizer as they have become less popular over time. This is because the atomiser is at the top so it struggles to soak up the e-liquid, resulting in poor flavour being produced.

A better option would be one that has the coil located at the bottom, so that gravity works for you and soaks up the e-liquid easily.

The choice of tank you choose also has an impact on flavour, so choose a tank that supports coils under one ohm. These work better with low resistant coils and boosts vapour production and flavour.

The size of the bore hole found in the atomiser head also affects the flavour produced. Those with larger bore holes will have more airflow, which will reduce flavour, so opting for one with a smaller bore hole would be the better option.

4. Your Choice Of Wicking And Coil Materials Is Important

The material you use for your wicking material has an impact on the flavour you receive.

Typically silica wicks are found in most vape devices, but these can limit the flavour you experience.

It used to be that organic cotton balls were the best wicking option, but nowadays there are plenty of alternatives, for example, Japanese organic cotton is highly recommended, or tea cotton, which is believed to offer a rich flavour.

Your own preference should be used when choosing a wicking material but typically a cotton based material would be the best option.

5. Try An E-Liquid With A Higher PG Ratio

Those who want to produce large clouds will likely choose e-liquids with more VG.

If you want better flavour then you should choose one that has more PG. There is one problem with this though, and that is that too high a ratio of PG/VG the harder the hit on your throat.

6. Keep Your Wicks, Coils And Tanks Clean

Clean coils and wicks produce better flavour. Of course this does not necessarily mean you should be changing your coil or wick after every flavour change, but if you are not seeing the best flavour then perhaps this could be the reason.

It is certainly possible to rinse pre-made atomiser heads, which will extend their lifespan while improving flavour. To do this you will need to disassemble your tank, give each component a rinse under hot water and leave to dry completely. You should wait at least 24 hours before reassembling.

In Conclusion

The biggest tip I can give is to experiment. While the above tips may be helpful in getting you some of the way, you will need to use your own tastebuds and preferences.

Only you know what you like, so ultimately you will have to go that final step to achieving the ultimate taste possible.