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Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice by 7 Daze (60mL)

Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice by 7 Daze Premium E-Liquid (60mL)

List Price: $22.99
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Savings: $11.04

Product Code: RED-APL-WMLN-60ML

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Twisting Up a Classic With Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice by 7 Daze

Mixologists from 7 Daze have done it again. Vapers can now enjoy a combination of amazing flavors with this new twist of a 7 Daze classic. 7 Daze mixes their classic, sweet red apple taste and finishes it off with a mouthwatering watermelon flavor in the all-new Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice by 7 Daze.

On top of the classic Reds Apple eJuice recipe, 7 Daze devised a new concoction by twisting and combining it with the sweet and juicy flavor of watermelon. This delightful juice blend bursts with tasty goodness as if both fruits were fresh out of the garden. Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice is the perfect fusion of flavors for the ultimate go-to eJuice to quench our thirst.

The all-new watermelon vape juice recipe from 7 Daze will transport us to that dream summer escape we've all been dreaming ofs. Every puff we take brings us closer to that satisfaction we get after relaxing under the sun. The flavor combination is mixed perfectly to let us experience the fun in every bottle of Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice by 7 Daze.

Not to be confused with a reds apple eJuice clone, the Watermelon Reds Apple flavor variation is an addition to the Reds Apple line. If you liked their Reds Apple taste, the Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice by 7 Daze flavor continues to bring satisfaction to its users. With only the highest quality of premium-grade USA ingredients used, this refreshing fruit-flavored mixture of apples and watermelons surely won't disappoint.

Once you start to vape 7 Daze, you'll get to taste their signature sweet blend of inhaling the perfect, crisp flavor of red apples while exhaling the juicy goodness of watermelons without ruining your recently built coil and wick. The perfect mix of flavors provides you with a lasting fruity taste and will even leave you wanting more.

This authentic flavor combination from 7 Daze lives up to its standards by making sure that vapers always have a smooth and subtle throat hit. No burning feeling or any charring sensation felt with continuous puffs throughout the day. Also, with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, vapers can still have fun cloud chasing and even perform vape tricks while keeping the sweet, fruity flavor. Thus, vaping with the Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice by 7 Daze takes the freedom to the next level.

7 Daze designs the packaging in a playful yet straightforward manner triggering our inner child with his juice box. Differentiating the Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice flavor from its classic counterpart is the green colored box with “Watermelon” printed on the image of the apple's leaf.

The e-liquid still comes in a 60 mL glass dropper bottle with an extra 30 mL unicorn bottle included in the box for easy storing and carrying. The nicotine levels offered are in variations of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. Apple and watermelon lovers can both enjoy a bottle – or even two – of the refreshing combination the Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice has to offer.

Travel to a whole new world of flavors with this mind-blowing sensation of freshness bursting with watermelon juices mixed with crisp red apples. Every hit is boasting of authentic fruity flavors with just the right balance in every drop of Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice.

So why wait longer? Grab your Watermelon Reds Apple eJuice by 7 Daze now and experience the refreshing taste of summer all year long!

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